Jiggly sumo


Sumo Wrestling like you have never Seen or Heard it before. Some intense Jiggly Wiggly fun is heading your way. Watch this space for some serious Sumo Fun coming soon.

Diggy Dinos 


The Diggy Dinos have arrived and they are here to share their adventures and fun. Come along on an exciting  journey of discovery,  where every member of the family joins in the adventure! Diggy Dinos Love Singing Dancing, and all the things Families love doing together. 

Foxy Ninja 


Feisty Furry and Fun. Foxy Ninja is here to protect and serve in his own Foxy way. Adenture Action and Adrenaline, are all part of this Fox's amazing world. Keep watching this space 

Latest Releases 

Diggy Dino Christmas 


Diggy Dinos come together for a Heartwarming Christmas Gathering, singing about what Christmas means to them, and sharing memories from the past year. Diggy Dinos whish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas

Diggy Dino Beach Day


Diggy Dinos go to the Beach. A day full of adventures and fun, mermaids, surfing, and laughter. All the family enjoy a bit of relaxation, Sun, Surf and Sand. And a few friends from the ocean shore. Happy Holiday Diggy Dinos, have a great day at the Beach.

Diggy Dinos Day at Home


Babay Dino wakes up and decides to explore! She visits every member of the Diggy Dino family. Each family memeber is busy with their own morning activity, seh helps, learns, and dicoveres so many new fun activities.